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Your Own Energy Body Is Your Psychic

Thoughts are things. They are not just secret energies we keep in our heads. We create them, and we energise them, we allow them to torture us, or we allow them to nurture us.The thing is, we often forget that it is our thoughts that create how we feel, emotionally. We think that our emotions just come up randomly or that other people cause us to feel a certain way. In other words, emotions can be controlled by our thinking.As if we are not complicated enough, we have this thing called the energy bodies.The energy body operates quite differently and it affects our decision-making processes. Most people think through or feel through something before making a decision. How many people actually listen to their energies to make a decision.Listening to one’s energy body is one of the toughest ways to make a decision, but yet it is the most energy-efficient and usually most accurate way!Doesn’t everybody want a tried and proven method in decision making? You know what, most of us actually have one built-in in our body.The challenge is that this decision-making process is not an easy one to follow, simply because our thoughts and our emotions get in the way, A LOT. We have all kinds of logical thoughts and fears that will surface to tell us why we should not be listening to our energy bodies.Little do we realise that our energy bodies are like psychics — it senses everything way before our mind can even conceive of an idea, and it knows what is most appropriate way before any of our emotions are triggered.But we are too busy entertaining thoughts, and indulging in our fears to have a clear sense of what our energy bodies are trying to communicate with us.So how does one get in touch with one’s energy bodies? The only way is learning to still the body, mind and spirit. You could call this meditation, or mindfulness, or prayer. Whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter, because the key to this is learning to be aware of your energies, and you do this with the practice of deep breathing exercises, which I have spoken about in the past. (Go >>> HERE )Once you become more aware of how energy flows in your energy system, you will also realise that there is one particular area in your energy system that pulses with life. You may get a sense that this is the centre or the motor of your energy bodies, and this is the centre that will communicate the yes or no answers to your decision-making process.And then once you sense it, keep on practising making decisions from this energy centre. This is an energy muscle, the more frequently you exercise it, the stronger it becomes!Remember, this energy centre goes beyond logic or emotions. Most of all to be able to listen to your energy body fully, you must be prepared to let go of your fears, anger, bitterness, frustrations and impatience.Let me know how it goes, would love to hear about your experience.