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Social Commerce and The New World Order

The leading business houses had already learned the art of using social media in their businesses and they had started practicing this art with great amount of success. As evolution is the rule of nature there came the more sophisticated tool in the form of social ecommerce. Social e-commerce is a subject which is more deep and penetrating than making some transactions in social platforms. Social commerce is not a word which popped up from another world. But it is an extension of the available business and interactive methods. The innovation does not lie with the fundamentals but with the approach of the people in engaging with the social media.

In social commerce, the whole processes of buying the products or services, the interaction with the customers in the form of customers talking about the products, recommending people to buy the products and whole lot of activities similar in nature, take place. Social commerce offers multi dimensional possibilities for the business houses to explore. The options of communicating with the customers will be skyrocketed through mediums like phone, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, chat and so on. Sharing is the dominating principle of social commerce and the companies will have to abide by that. Giving options like Tweet, share and like it will kick start the procedure.

If you want to sell the products or services through social networks you will have to create contents like blog posts, videos and Facebook updates which are really appealing to the customers. The process of sharing will only take place if the content is really striking and appealing. Then the company will get back quality reviews from the customers regarding the pros and cons of the products or services. Social commerce is going to be an inevitable tool for the business promotions with the active participation of the customers. The business houses should realize the real potential of social media as a tool for social commerce. Those who are going to succeed, in a world where cut throat competition is taking place, must have realized the huge potential of social e-commerce.

Exposure through all the available means of communication is the need of the hour and a business house having any other concept is going to fall behind in the immediate future. Social commerce presents all the opportunities in its most refined and feasible way, to succeed in this world of competition. It is not going to get stagnated. The evolution is inevitable and social ecommerce is not an exception. It is going to revolutionize the payment system with the term ‘social currency’. You can make a purchase from anywhere in the world without bothering about the unwanted complexities involved with the currency exchanges. One of the greatest assets of social commerce is that it presents a great opportunity for group purchases through these social platforms. But to make the maximum out of the opportunity social commerce methods will have to be introduced in all the social media platforms available. Then only the concept of social currency will become highly effective. The process has already been started and social commerce is on its way to become the most influencing factor in the new world order of economic activities.